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Activity on the wakfu Forum

By visitor888 - 2016-03-11 01:24:08 in General Discussions
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Since the release of heroes I have noticed a sharp decline in activity (at least on Nox anyway). I remember thousands of items available on the market where now there are merely hundreds. I remember being able to find groups for a dungeon in a few minutes or less depending on the time of week. Mostly, I remember friends and guild mates who are just gone.

Ashen Lepus was one of the most prominent guilds on Nox, easily capping out on guild points usually halfway through the week. Sometimes we would...
7 1781
Just a thought, but I figured I would see if others liked it or wanted to expand on it.

Some people can't log on everyday and play. To these people the current subscription based content and booster is unattractive because they don't feel like they are getting their money's worth. The addition of Heroes will only exacerbate the problem.

What if there was a subscription option that was based on logged time instead of server time?

So instead of paying 6,500 ogrines for 30 days heroes and booster,...
By visitor888 - 2015-07-15 21:45:44 in Iop
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What do you guys think of the new King of the Hill passive?

At first i was like "ya, that's gonna be in like, every deck." But as time went on I realized that in most situations, I had to summon the thing every turn and the lost ap was not made up for by the final damage, particularly since it meant those 3 ap were not generating Power.

Now I have relegated it pretty much exclusively to my Lock deck and go with one of the Power stacking passives instead.

Anyone come up with a creative way to use...