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By virudada - 2015-07-11 17:14:07 in Eliotrope
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Hello guyz,
i just created a new eliotrope but I am finding it difficult to use the portal spell to do damage. If anyone can please explain how and where to put the portals and some tips and tricks, it would do me a great help. I saw the videos on YouTube but just couldn't replicate them in the game play. Any help will be appreciated.
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I'm buying 100 of them . Pm me ING @shadow time or leave a comment below
By virudada - 2015-07-05 20:43:51 in Rosal
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Heya guyz
I have decided to start f2p leveling groups for new or old players. I'm thinking to do f2p dung achvs, and fight at some popular leveling places. For more information leave a comment below or pm me ING @ bloody-thirsty.