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how would boosters be relevant for high lvl characters if all content will be available for everyone?
I think if you added perks for players with boosters like...
- FULL HP after battles
- Drop rate, XP boost
- maybe a booster aura that compliments the relic auras.
- maybe no tax on selling in market.
- unlimited rescrolls are nice
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When Pandalucia was released, I realised that the dmg number that appeared was in a different color than usual. Water dmg was blue, fire dmg was red etc.

But just one day later, the number is always red like fire.
If that was a bug at the start of Pandalucia, I want that bug back. It is so nice to see the dmg flash in the according element.

Can we reactivate that? Have that as an option to show damage in the element that was used in battle instead of just in LOG.