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Quests to jump, climb, swim, ride mounts ect. Can those all be usable by every character on the account so that we don't have to redo those quests 6 times for every character. 

Same with meridian quests to get the mount. if I already spent 2 years collecting tokens and I got the mount why can't I use that mount on any of my characters?
It says my other characters didnt complete the meridian quests so I need to spend another 2 years for all of my characters to ride the mount?????

Please just make...
By virtualshade - 2021-01-13 04:23:11 in Technical Issues
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Hi i've been buying things with my credit card for years on the website. all of a sudden my payment doesnt work anymore.
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Can ecas get a feline leap thats actaully feline like? 

Can they jump over a wall or diagonally a few cells?  a lot of classes have ways of getting out of corners, but its really taxing on ecas.

once you corner an eca in pvp theres no way out. you can try to push but if they place a bone or barrel or pet behind them theres no way to get out.

Its too punishing if you're cornered. you can't even use abilities to gain armor, you can't move out, can't deal the damage if you're build has ambush 2,...