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As the title says, wondering how to visit this new place. I'm a returning player and saw this cool little update, I'm assuming I have to reach a certain level to discover the place but I need some confirmation. 

Many thanks!
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hello there~
lets be serious......our bags get filled with junk all the time, and that "sort bag" button aint so great either, its even worse when your crafting.
why not add this sort of anywhere access bank guild wars 2 has.
Click here

i dont see why most games dont have it, i just want bag space for equips and potions, not monster drops, wheat and cawwots.
it will just make life so much easier.


and although i dont play Wakfu anymore i really want it to get better to join in again...
By vieira12345 - 2014-12-19 13:09:56 in General Discussions
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any confirmed release date for the heroes system?
sorry if this is a repost but yeah, just curious