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Guild - Nakama
hey everyone! we are inviting members to join our new guild to help us grow lol, we have 3 members so far which is pretty low but hey, we all gotta start out sometime! we will do dungeons together and help each other out and perhaps we shall be in the top hehe
The guild is called "Nakama" which means Comrade/ Close friend in japanese
there are no requirements to join, just friendly and talktive!

if you want to join give me a private message or reply in the forum
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erm, did they remove the 100 nimble rings to exchange for a small agility scroll in the Cra temple? :/ and if they did is there another way to get it?
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ok comes the xp of fighting large mobs aint so different from smaller ones? i can fight 3 gobbals and it will have the same xp as 10 gobbals lol