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By viblpunygbyf - 2014-06-30 17:17:03 in Ecaflip
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Okay I'm lvl 182 and I'm pure intell at the moment but I feel I need a second element so intel/agi works great just need set advice I'm using tengu set plus obs ammy and ring . Great intel but I need more agi !!!! So please help me with new set abd stat advice I'm all base vit at the moment and have 101 scrolling in all elements
By viblpunygbyf - 2013-10-07 06:40:37 in Osamodas
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I got a good amount of kamas no orche or turk but I can get a decent set soooo please help me out here need good vit and summons I have enough intell for limbo so post away