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Hey guys,

I would like to suggest some improvements on items that are hard to see in small screen devices, mainly the low contrast ones.

For example, I always had problems with inky veil, it's hard to see when equipped and I have to check couple times my char to identify which one is using it.

Unfortunately I lost my inky veil, I deleted a chat with it, but I thought I was unequipped all items because this cape are hard to see....
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Hey guys, 

I noticed some bugs on my tablets after last update.

1 - The display Blind (all black) sometimes.
2 - Now appear a line on edge of the buttons.
3 - The game drop the speed when using map.
4 - After a long time play all the windows edges goes black ( map edge, spell bar edge, bag edge, etc... ). It happened once.

Tablet - Samsung Tab S2
Andriod 7.0
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Hey guys, I have some ideias to improve the game:

1 - Brunch of Keys: Change the color or strikethrough the used keys instead of remove of the list. ( Sometimes we roll couple times to be sure there is no key used).

2 - For those that have a craft profession: Add and short menu in theirs chest/bank to filter only item related to selected profession. ( Something like we already have in craft interface, this feature may Help a Lot ).

3 - I would love to see in the shopping char slot to increase...