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By veikka - 2015-07-29 19:54:48 in Problems and solutions
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i was thinking about reviving my old char but i want to choose char that is scrolled already and i have no idea which are scrolled ... So is there ant way to see if deleted char stats and if its scrolled or not?
By veikka - 2015-07-27 23:01:30 in Enutrof
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So yeah i am wondering if enu works if im solo player too? im talking like from 150-200lvl char.
I mostly play kolo and all that but i play solo too so does enu survive as solo? and what element would be best for me?
By veikka - 2015-07-25 22:35:29 in General Class Discussion
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Hi guys, some of you may remember me xD. IF YOU DON'T THEN YOU.... YOU.... I dunno o_o

Anyway, while in the midst of trying to get my hacked items back, perhaps some dofus activity would help sway them in my favor... As giving inactive accounts stuff back could make it look like it's not worth giving an exception this time... But that's a whole different story.

*Note: Not lvl 200s or 199s, I'm not a pro leveler so it won't be like level 200s just rikjshdvbkqsbvosjbfdvkwbvcxkvblqvhbflsbhvjxchvbjhning.