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Myrk Sacrier Lvl 93 Nox
Jussii Cra Lvl 93 Nox
Vanak Masqueraider Lvl 93 Nox

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By vantheman9 - 2017-11-05 20:17:19 in Ouginak
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So, as an ouginak, I grouped up to do the tofu dungeon. I just have to say, ouginaks really suck against the Royal Tofu. I was totally useless. I think it's the class, because the tofu dungeon is normally fun for 20-30 level players, but the main mechanic of the ouginak class and like half the spells require WP. If you can't mark your target then it negates the utility of a lot of the spells too. I kinda like the class, but I'd be dreaming if I thought they'd get a revamp any time soon since they...
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I'm really enjoying the combination of sac and masq, and since the lovely cra nerf, I'm thinking about switching my cra out for something else? (I wasn't really attached to them, just had one to fill the third spot) They're all only lvl 90, so I have no idea what's viable for later in the game. 

A) Is it worth switching? 
B ) I was considering a feca, rogue, iop or ouginak? (starting a new character at this level wouldn't be horrible for me) but not sure. PvE based please. 
C) No foggers (masq...