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By vankreiger - 2017-12-09 10:06:11 in General Discussion
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Good Day,

I would just like to ask for help with regards to mounts. I'm still pretty new to this game and I bought several certificates for me and my brother/cousins. 

We bought a crimson and and orchid mount, both with a load  something ability. and yes they are said to be mountable  ( as we check the green mount on the right hand side of the description box).

But we can't seem to mount it? It says equip once we tried equipping it on the public paddock, but it doesn't show on our pet/mount...
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I'm pretty much new to this game, and have been reading a few topics about how to play this game but i'm a bit lost on the drop rate %...

I like to use Enu since he has 2 AP skill (coin throw) for low level, making me use it 3x if I am chance build. And the best part is for the drop rate.

This is my question: If my brother and cousin also choose Enu, we would be 3 already and get someone in game any class for a 4 man party, would the drop rate be better than them getting a different class?