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By vamp-alt - 2017-06-23 04:04:56 in Cra
11 2015
I recently started PvP'ing with my int/agi/cha cra and the only classes I've had difficulty with playing against are Srams and Fecas.

Is there a strategic method as to how you beat / play against these two classes? Srams' invisibility is frustrating, as well as Feca's long range invulnerability.

Or is there one major strategy to playing cras in pvp that I've completely ignored.
By vamp-alt - 2017-05-19 13:40:46 in Welcome to the Incarnam Inn
7 1684
I started playing Dofus waaaaay back when there were only the original 12 classes. Ever since then, I still have no idea how you're supposed to get kamas.
I have a pretty decent cra hitter as well as a support enutrof.
194 / 140

Any ideas?