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Hey, so I know there's lots of threads on how to make kamas, but I want a fun way to make kamas. I am level 100 farmer/baker. But I HATE farming, it's just too boring for me. I am looking for a way to make money, but yet still be entertained. So please help me out, I'm in desperate need of help.

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Ok, I', sorry to make a new thread but i read threw some old threads and found what i needed. There is one thing I'm am very confused about, am I mainly chance or intelligence? With one of the threads it says pure cha, and the other mostly more int. So I am asking is it better to put most points into cha or int.
I also want to know as a Cha/Int hybrid, do I level earthquake and paralyzing poison? :blink:
By useprotection - 2012-08-09 01:23:55 in Sadida
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Hey everybody!
So I am currently a level 85 pure Str Sadi, but a Cha/Int sounds better. There isnt really any Cha/Int builds so i am just asking what the key spells are and how i should distribute my characteristic points. Is a Cha/Int even better then pure Str?
I just want my Sadi to own at Kolo as well as be able to kill mobs!

With this Cha/Int i could easily kill mobs, because they would always go for my block, and I would just turn it into tree while I hang back and tear spam or Bush Fire. I...