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Sram Lvl 199 Echo
Sacrier Lvl 61 Echo
Ouginak Lvl 54 Ilyzaelle
Osamodas Lvl 43 Echo

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Is there  a way to complete this quest?

Vangee buffs me but, the creatures 1 hit me around the 4-5 turn. for a level 30 quest its unreal as the Vangee's AI is whack.

Only once came close to finishing the quest, this is on a level 47 Sacrier . :/

Forgot to mention, I am at the stage where you fight the Ruffians.
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I have tried unisntalling then reinstalling, cleared the cache, everytime i start the uplauncher it starts to update and my anti-virus pops up(worms) and the updater has the message "D:/Ankama/Dofus/app/Dofus.exe" cannot be launched.

only thing i haven't tried is downloading the archived version of dofus.
By unisonraid - 2014-01-24 09:34:37 in Foggernaut
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Ever since the class was released i wanted to make one. Finally i have, leveled it to 50, while i figured out minor things one needs to know about the class by playing it thus far, there are some things/question/doubt i want to ask other foggers out there.

So, as i understand the turrets and your stats go hand in hand. High vitality=more hp for turrets?
And about harpooners damage, it's based on the stat points invested in particular stat?
tacturret's special spell works if the target is in gravity...