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Tank pandas make pretty much the vast majority of dungeons a joke. Dungeons that I find to be very interesting and dynamic like Turtlelonia, Solar, Talkasha become pretty much jokes if you add a tank panda, who simply gets surrounded by 3 or 4 moobs, and for the most part those moobs will barely tickle that panda.

Tank pandas make the game so easy and boring... Like, a lot of times I have an Eniripsa and a Ret Enu with very good sets be made almost useless because the panda already controls the...
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I mean specially on multiaccounter servers, I'm not familiar with mono account servers.

I have five characters, but I prefer to use only my main (Eni) since I find using several accounts at once to be tiring and stressful.
In the past month, I spent my time looking for the bounty quest monsters. for the difficult ones, I tried to get people to help me, but it did take a lot of time to fill up a group. The majority of times I had to end up connecting my other characters because no one seemed to care.

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So I was in infinite dreams, on floor 373, against King Dazakh (the bearded king that looks like it was inspired from lord of the Rings, I don't know if his name is like that in English)

And to my surprise, he can jump a distance of like 4 cells and gain MP.

Not a problem right? My tank panda is super endurable.
Not really, the king hit my panda for 3300 of life points.

Ok, so I have to keep him far from my team.
Luckily, both my panda and my cra can give the heavy state, the state that PROHIBITS...