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I'm an inte eni, and in PVM I barely see a reason to use the other two offensive spells. Selective word feels downright riskless at all situations, since using it means more HP for allies and less for moobs.

Other AOE spells have the risk that you can hit allies, but selective just eliminates that haha

Is this spell broken or balanced?
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It is kinda surprising to me that Dofus seems to have A LOT more fame in Latinoamerica than in the English speaking community... I like to read both forums, and this one is by far less active. Other MMORPGS have a huge amount of players, whose number of players overshadows the amount of Spanish speaking community, but in the States Dofus doesn't seem to really "click"

If I'm wrong feel free to correct me... also what do you think Dofus lacks in onder to be as succesful as other MMORPGS?
Even though...