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Tuliia Eliotrope Lvl 131 Dathura
Tullia Rogue Lvl 6 Dathura
Pailyn Eliotrope Lvl 4 Remington

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Thanks a lot

The thing is I have already taken the restat quest at lvl 81. So I can't mess up those stats a second time ^^

I think I'm still too low a level to fully enjoy the elio.
Moreover, I still don't have all of the passives I want to play with.

I think I'll go for 20 crit and 30 berserk in the end Though I'm still not sure if having 3 elements in my deck is the best choice I could make ^^.
40 41934
So playing distance and berserk is still "powerful" ? I'd guess tank/zerk is best for melee fighters (you also kind of said it in the first sentence right ?)
As I don't have any points (yet) in elemental mastery, getting close to ennemies is not an option for me.

Actually, I don't have clash in my deck as it is not ST...
If I'm going berserk, I'll have air/water/earth. And I've heard from several players that playing with 3 elements isn't quite recommended, as it's a weaker deck.
At least, that's...
40 41934
I have some difficulties to know like... What's "best".
I mean, I'm a distance, single target elio (water/air + hiding) and I've tried the full berzerk mode at a low lvl: Rage + berzerk mastery. It's... Really enjoyable, though it didn't seem quite compatible to me. But I don't feel like I was playing this right though. Because I always had to "wait" some time until I can make some niiice damage... annnd on the other hand my HP dropped too quickly.

The thing is, when playing distance, especially...