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By twoteatoroomtwo - 2018-06-13 17:00:33 in Sacrier
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hi guys, im massive fun of kolo. im playing on around 140-160 lvls and im enjoying my ougi. but one thing comes to my mind when im facing sacriers. why arent they nerfed yet? how is that fair that sacrier can take someones 80% of life in the first turn at no cost in return? it is impossible to prevent that in any way. there's many ways to fix that but nothing is being done. there is no single kolo on my level where there is no sacrier in a match. do something about it cause there's no point to play...
By twoteatoroomtwo - 2015-12-02 16:30:05 in Feca
1 1219
hi! Just wanted to ask about feca situation in pvp, including 1v1, kolo, perc fights and every possible pvp in the game. How does Fecas stand next to other classes, are they viable for kolo or is it just insta lose with feca in the team, what builds are better than other for pvp. Would love large replies and all in depth explanations, thanks!
By twoteatoroomtwo - 2015-12-02 03:34:36 in Sacrier
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hi! i recently attempted a kolossium and to be honest i have no idea what should i be doing. is there anyone who could guide new sacriers, including me what to do and when to do stuff during a kolossium fight. thanks!