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I've been doing a lot of treasure hunts for crimson dofus.

I've realized that any treasure hunt that starts with "sneaky drheller" is bugged. There is no sneaky drheller to be found -- and if I mark a map as having it, then it appears on that map. Even if I switch the marker to a different map, it then appears on that one. This magic appearing drheller does not count as a clue, and so the treasure hunt is over before it has begun.

Hope this is an easy fix ---

By twistybubs - 2016-12-14 21:46:03 in Suggestion Box
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I just had this amazing idea.

What if one of the Cra's spells was an arrow that they shot into the ground and it shot back up under the enemy? Or it created some sort of earth quake?

hahahahaha. It's kind of a joke. But is it? Would it be brilliant?