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Cra Lvl 46 Ilyzaelle
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Ecaflip Lvl 42 Ilyzaelle
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Hello, and tyty in advance. So im looking for a class that like to debuff alot and is very good at it. Weakening the enemy is one of my favorite things to do. My highest level character was 13x chance enutrof. Which i really enjoyed playing. I believe cra has some debuffs along with xelor. But thats pretty much all i remember. So some help would be great tyty again
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hello fellow adventurer. i just start ENI today and i am looking for someone to lvl with i do have adventure set and full int gobbal. so can go for awhile. along with x4 exp until about lvl 45. i plan on going heals/support. i would like to use a voice chat (skype, teamspeak, curse voice)

if your looking for something new hit me up i would love to support and get some lvls tyty
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if u can get the mats for alchemy lvls i will give all the items back to you. i dont have alot of time to spend on this game everyday. so i would like to get ur guys help. so if u want write back and we can get stuff started!!~ tyty