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Sacrier Lvl Omega 173 Echo
Sram Lvl 108 Echo

Activity on the dofus Forum

By tweekeer - 2017-05-02 17:38:09 in Problems and solutions
5 1133

So even though I have 2 chars with identical names (except for the second capital letter) it didn't give a [dar] suffix to the lower leveld one. What makes this really annoying is that all pms are sent to the low level masq instead of my lvl 200 sac even when the masq is offline.
3 604
I thought the Umphialla Corporation was a relatively new organisation, introduced with chapter one of Ohwymi, but during a routine Protoz'orror run I stumbled upon this

and their symbol isn't just on stuff in the ship, it's all over the waste outside aswell

So apparently they already existed ingame for over 2 years, and are responsible for the contamination of Albatrocious Rock. I find that some pretty amazing foreshadowing from Ankama .
By tweekeer - 2016-11-16 21:53:30 in Rushu
2 416
So for the Steam release I've decided to make a guild for new players. And even though I haven't seen a single steam player on rushu yet (:wacko that won't lessen the fun! So if you're a new player looking for a guild (preferably below level 100) and are looking for other new people to play with as well as a few experienced players to give advice, send a pm to captain-snail .