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Member since 2008-12-06


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-09-09


Cra Lvl Omega 67 Rubilax
-The Brotherhood-
Huppermage Lvl 76 Rubilax
-The Brotherhood-
Feca Lvl 65 Rubilax
-The Brotherhood-

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I will never play this game anymore, even though if they increase the spell damage, Weapon nerf was too much, so I think that they shoud change that otherwise Ankama will lose a lot of player, actually right now a lot of players are leaving dofus because this chance was too much we cant stand it, my closer friend on the game disappoint this update eather we think that at least they should change that we play this for fun and this last update screw a lot the fun the damage I play at range and CC and...
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OMG this is sooo cool may be i`ll be there but in my low lvl pvp char
one question, u have a special schedule?, coz im work late on my coutry that can affect in something??
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Little comment ..... DISLIKE.......