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By trololol0 - 2014-03-19 23:03:17 in Xelor
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im now a lvl 192 xelor, an want to turn to strenght at lvl 195 with fuij set etc etc
what shall i do with my base stats ?
what are your opinions about strenght at that lvl ?
what items are preferd ?

i would like to know so much as possible before i change!
By trololol0 - 2013-02-24 16:06:35 in Rushu
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Hey, im looking for a Turq dofus, 11, 12 or 13 critical hits. PM me on my character "Jackpot" if you sell one!
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Hey Dofussers,

I recently got back to Dofus after a 5 year stop!
Anyhow, my name was Mytoria, female ecaflip on the server Rushu, or Airotym, my sram 14x on Rushu, they both got hacked so i stopped playng a long time ago.
I hardly think any of you will still remember me, maybe from my video's on youtube or from old guilds or friends?
I still had a 116 cha/str cra too, so i wanted to catch that character up, cuz cra's are so fun and str/cha seems like a strong combo.
Please add me as a friend,...