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The shield points bonus given by Lavasmith Dofus isn't visually shown correctly, and so far I'm convinced it's a visual glitch, not an actual shield bug.
For example if 1st enemy triggers Lavasmith Dofus bonus then it's fine (it shows correct amount of shield) but if 2nd enemy also triggers Lavasmith Dofus bonus afterwards, it will show wrong amount of shield.
Moreover the shield visually shown can differ at different accounts, for example the Lavasmith Dofus bearer can see one amount of...
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Hello, we tried to do "Dopples" achievement, we got only 1 mob left which is "Dark Vlad Dopple" for the achievement to be completed.We tried to do that mob using a Dark Vlad Dopple soul which we had from long time ago. However doing the challenge using the soul in arena didn't update the achievement.The Dopple achievement tab looks the same as in my 1st screenshot, nothing has changed.

I believe it was always possible to update the monster achievement using the souls in arena in the past (and it's...