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Member since 2010-05-11


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-05-23


Pandawa Lvl 177 Ilyzaelle
Enutrof Lvl 131 Ilyzaelle
Iop Lvl 63 Ilyzaelle
Sacrier Lvl 61 Ilyzaelle

Activity on the dofus Forum

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I bought through the ogrine store a color change potion (700g). All good, gift got redeemed, I picked the colors I wanted and when I click to play the colors were still the same. I already sent a ticket to Ankama about it but I was wondering if anyone else has any idea.

PS: After I sent the ankama support ticket I decided to buy another one because I am not sure when they will reply to me back, so I tried changing it again, and again they did not change.

server: ily
character name: krorelete
2 231
I have two characters, one in echo and one another in mono-server.
Can I go merchant mode in echo and still keep playing in the mono-server?

thanks in advance.
2 441
I got a notification box saying "you got kroz boots" or something like that (don't remember the name exactly) and then nothing. There are no boots in my inventory and there was no achievement box to earn it.

Any help?