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By tripleej - 2015-04-14 20:27:36 in Problems and solutions
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For the last 20 minutes my updater has been "Checking for updates" Not updating.. just checking for updates. Is this a normal time for that because I thought maybe it was frozen or locked up and tried to x out so I could restart it but I got a warning that it could corrupt the updating if I ddi so I said don't close it..
By tripleej - 2014-02-28 02:46:44 in Problems and solutions
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Ok so was playing and was lagging so bad I rebooted. Now when I click the updater to log back in it tells me the message "Oops can not detect internet please check your firewall settings" message. Clearly I have internet and there was nothing changed in my fire wall. Any suggestions?

Guess I am going to uninstall. Will have to wait to re-install until midnight when we have unlimited bandwidth

If that doesn't work I will keep refreshing to see if someone has another solution.
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Ok when I open the dofus updater it works fine, but when I press play another dofus window pops up like normal. But instead of going to the login screen it is completely black. Since I have a limited download capacity (thanks to Satelite company putting a limit on bandwidth) I was wondering if there was a solution, or if I would have to uninstall and reinstall