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So i have just hit level 200 on my main, I am curious about how many exo's you can wear? is there a limit? or can you have alot of exo's and like 15-17ap and 8mp ( with dofuses )
By trevix - 2017-03-05 07:43:05 in General Class Discussion
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hey guys I have a level 199 omni feca and a level 190 wis/cha enu and i'm looking for a 3rd not sure what I'm going for at the moment, returning after 3 years.
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I am currently maining level 188 intelligence cra and I will go omni at end game! I'm looking for a good 2nd for a 2 Man team. I am mainly doing PVM but I would like to do a little bit of Kolo. I know alot of PVM classes aren't the best for PVP so I'll ask my question like this.

Please Name 3 characters that are best for PVM as a 2nd for a 2 man team. Feel free to leave a good PVP character for a 2nd too!

Please don't just say the class name please also say if I should play the character either...