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Koeleshield Feca Lvl 43 Remington
Koeleheal Eniripsa Lvl 31 Remington
Koelebarrel Pandawa Lvl 31 Remington
Koelekoe Foggernaut Lvl 25 Remington
Koeleportal Eliotrope Lvl 11 Remington

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By trapper - 2014-04-25 22:38:20 in General Discussions
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Hey all, this is my first post here, and i am here to ask a question. First, if this is the wrong part of the forums, i am sorry but i don't think this belongs in bugs. So a friend of mine played enutrof last year, and he logged off on his account, and left wakfu. But now he is back, and the cave he was in was transformed into cania planes, he is behind a excarnal barrier. He is p2p, but he still cant leave the place, so i tought of coming here to ask your options.