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Sacrier Lvl 172 Echo
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Hey guys, i recently started playing dofus again and found out that the profession have been reworked. Initially i thought it was cool, but at a closer look i came to the conclusion that my previous way of making money (Making cereal bread or wholewheat bread) is as far as i can tell unviable.

So i started making flour and trying to sell that, but even though being the lowest price in the market, nothing has sold over 2 days my server is rosal.

My skills are:
200 farmer
140 shoemaker
62 hunter
By trapper - 2014-02-16 21:30:25 in Markets of Rosal
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Hey all,

First, i do not know if this is in the corect place of the forums, so i appologize if it isnt.
I am here to ask fellow rosalanians to make a sort of agreement about undercutting the prices of bread. I had been farming a bit until i had 4k cereal bread, so i went to the market to sell them at the usual price of 30kk per 100, only to see that they have been dropped to 18999 per 100! That is a drop of more than 36%! So i am here to ask you this: Please do not sell your bread so far under the...
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Hey all, i have 5 characters on the server rosal, all around lvl 90, but there is literally nobody to do dungeons with, so i am here to ask what is a good server to go for lowlvl pvm?
If this is in the wrong section, i am sorry.