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Supremee Xelor Lvl 162 Rubilax
Fangine Ouginak Lvl 122 Rubilax
Romeol Huppermage Lvl 6 Rubilax
Steamroy Foggernaut Lvl 6 Rubilax
Sir Silvester Enutrof Lvl 6 Rubilax
Managolia Osamodas Lvl 6 Rubilax

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By [Shop] - 2020-09-03 16:00:00 in News
7 287
makes me think how great the Wakfunding costumes were. They are full of detail and animated effects, yet they don't go too overboard with it. which makes them a lot nicer to look at.
But as you said, simpler and less eye-filling costumes will always be more welcomed than the fully covered up, animated suits of armor we've been constantly getting. 
By [Ankama]WAKFU - 2020-08-14 16:00:00 in News
33 1206
i remember this was posted a while ago. but from what i recall, they are planning on making resources such as trees spawn on their own. same with monsters, which we would be able to take them to different islands so they can populate there and kill the other creatures already living there. to put it simply, monsters will have a food chain.
5 1119
i remember there was a lot of backlash about bringing back the old wakfunding items. and i understand that they won't be coming back, as much as i want a second chance to get my old stasicore costume back...
still, could have made some brand new items to add to the funding campaign. new emotes and costumes are always appreciated.