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Supremee Xelor Lvl 161 Efrim
Fangine Ouginak Lvl 120 Efrim
James Sabuguo Sadida Lvl 78 Efrim
Fangnir Ouginak Lvl 64 Remington
Viranda Ecaflip Lvl 17 Remington

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iNTiMiD4T0R|2020-05-12 05:01:58They where 'exclusive' for a reason and had a backslash once already when they tried to bring them back, due to them being marked 'exclusive' on the english side due to a translation error. So, don't think they are making a come back.
Why would any one want to get same reskinned and resaled ones any way.

i'd want them back. this is the last season of the show anyways. so i don't think temporarily bringing them back for one last funding event would hurt. as long...
37 549
i imagine the kickstarter will work similarly to 2016's wakfunding? where we can buy exclusive in-game stuff and the money we used goes for the new season's funding
By LunabunLily - 2020-04-12 04:06:23 in Xelor
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Just as the others said, there hasn't been any changes to the Xelor's summons as of yet. But we are expecting a rework for the class in the future, although we do not have anything confirmed of what they will be changing on them besides their AP mechanic.