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Member since 2013-04-11


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Iop Lvl 171 Echo

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What are the top 5 damage classes in the game
By tomowamathebeast - 2015-04-25 21:28:32 in Eliotrope
2 1718
I was wondering I'm a level 200 eliotrope what's the best build money Is not a problem is agi better that omni or vise versa?
By tomowamathebeast - 2015-01-01 01:22:42 in Ogrines
3 796
Help me please. Ive been trying to Buy Orgines. but when i select the amount i wish to buy it asks me for my address. so i type in my address but it all so asks me for my "Transaction Detail." i have no idea what that means and/or what to type there. please help me out!