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Hi guys
I'm Patokalipsa -Polish dofus fighter
I want to inform you that I made as a first person in any temporis Ochre, by completing quest: "An Eternal Harvest"
Nobody in the past made it before. I'm really proud of my self.
It's the biggest achievement in my dofus career because I'm first person.
People laughed at me, thinking I couldn't make it.
But despite the adversities I managed and now I laugh in their face
Remember Guys, never give up no matter how hard it will be to pursue your goals. I...
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Hi guys

My nickname is Patokalipsa
I was wondering are you up to do a quest Work is happiness?
For this quest is needed:
5 people with the following things
- Smith level 200, smithmage level 200 
3 people with the following things
- Carver level 200, carvmagus level 200 

i'm smith 200/200 by my self. The question is are you up for this quest? 4smiths and 3 carvers needed more to go

Leave in comment time and date when  is the best time for you. I will check it and we will decide together when...