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Siucide Rogue Lvl 137 Rubilax
House Of Yves Klein Cra Lvl 114 Rubilax

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Not everything you said is correct about Sadi's dolls.
Greedy and heal doll have range 1-3 so if they hit/heal from 1-2 distance they use melee mastery. But if they act from range 3 they use distance mastery.
I'm not sure about sacrificial doll. Insofar i remember it uses AOE, melee masteries and it 's indirect damage. Better off check it again.
They 100% use 'zerk mastery but i don't remember conditions. It's or Sadi<50%HP or doll<50%HP.
Maddoll woefully doesn't inherit Sadi's FoW so it means...
By Razetime226 - 2020-10-14 17:03:28 in Suggestions
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Razetime226|2020-10-16 11:48:09but it's not a Wabbit. It is a cheap imitation that has none of the unique attacks ow mechanics that a wabbit could have. you awe confusing the weal life wabbit with the in-game Wabbit (yes Wabbits awe spelled with a W in game)
You ale wlong, my deal fliend. 'Labbits' ale spelled with 'L'.
By [Ankama]WAKFU - 2020-10-14 16:30:00 in News
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