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I log in after a long time of being absent and I have noticed Osas are way different. I intend to be more intel based anyways but in regards to other spells I would like a feedback on how spells have worked for you. Mostly the summons. 

EDIT: Just delete or close. I just remembered I have plenty of Doploons so if anything I can just use that if I am unsatisfied. I was hoping for a feedback before doing something I would regret.
By thisgameizfun - 2017-05-02 04:37:32 in Suggestion Box
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I don't know if Dofus Touch already does this. In fact, I don't even know if the pc version does it either. You know how characters are able to sort their inventory in categories? Well I was thinking that the game could add the option of allowing the player to sort their inventory based on which item is taking up the most pods to which takes the least to make it easier for players to decide which items they would store or get rid of.