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I purchased Ogrines via Subway Gift Cards on April 27, 2019, yet today when I try to purchase ogrines with Subway Gift Cards, they are not an vendor listed in the paystation menu.  When did this occur and why was there no announcement about this?
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Currently have some items that are good but only agi.  Only just got back to Dofus and it seems that only Rogue and maybe Sram (but agi/str is optimal).  I only have played eca/cra/elio so the community knows better what builds are great for all other classes.
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So I'm trying to mage an item and to make it have good stats I first drop a stat like AP/MP/Range/Summon
and then remage hoping for crit then mage using any sink left.

Is there a good way or trick to drop the AP/MP/Range/Summon? Currently I am just maging stats near normal and just hoping that range drops. However, that seems super inefficient and tedious. Should I try to overmage and cause the AP/MP/Range/Summon to drop that way? Thanks