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Dofus has changed allot over the years, from automatic reconnection while in dungeons to limits on multi clienting perc fights but the most drastic way the game has changed is perhaps more the style of dofus as a mmo.... Has dofus went casual?

While trying to explain open world 3d mmos (example wow) the game used to seem real hardcore! From a grueling level 200 level cap to relentless heated battles with other guilds over percs and PVP... but now days 7 years later is it still as hard core or...
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Topic: Keeping long term dofus players and gaining new ones.

I believe the most important thing to dofus right now is retaining interest from long term players and gaining new ones, building the game.

As any MMO thats over 5 years old players reach 'end game' get board and often move on to the newest game and dofus is no different. Due to the lack of new dungeons many dofus players have went from Payers to zap sitters to just not logging. I think its very important to keep new challenges coming...
By thebroken - 2012-02-11 20:24:30 in Suggestion Box
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I think it would be cool to have a Guild Message of the day option. It could be a right given to leader and perhaps turned on as a guild rite so select guildmembers could post it. Then when guild members log in the message would pop up.

This could be use for many things liek guild news, runs and more. It would be cool if they had a way to add this as a sell phone IM too but I know that may be asking too much lol