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I cant believe what the rework has led too... you made us damage dealers and removed our defense, our reliable mobility with flight, our AP buff for ourselves, our seeking lockers (Homing hand) and worse of all, mummyfication turned to crap. What are Xelor's supposed to be now?

So lets see, we can no longer escape locks with flight, we can no longer teleport on an empty cell, neither can we teleport far because its only 5 range, and counter's effect only works from 1 range, while most of our spells...
By the-nler - 2014-07-11 17:30:45 in Suggestion Box
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So like everyone knows it is pretty damm hard to get a high amount of kamas, and alot of it is based on luck (Exo maging, dofus drops).

I suggest a kamas loot at the end of each dungeon you finish (For big endgame ones maybe 100-200kk each run, and blob or treechnid dung about 20kk) in other words, a standart way of making kamas without needing luck, and yes I am aware dofus is intended to be very difficult, but honestly it would still be, this would help out alot of solo accounters and even lower...
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Well ok so, bassicly i am at about 550 tries on exo maging a Missiz freez ring to get MP or AP on it. (371 mp tries, Rest is AP runes, not sure how many, about 150-200).

I see people having 30-40 tries on regular exo,s every single time, and so did I before, where i would have about 12 tries if i was very lucky, and 50-60 if I wasn't.

Could I be bugged?Some feedback would be apeciated (Yes my english is not the best).