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hi everyone first of all i wanna say that i do not have any dofus except cawwot and kaliptus (once i dropped a 20 CH turq, it was my friend's soul tho )
so the suggestion that im going to give isnt important for me but i just wanna give my own opinions as a 4 years of dofus player
as u know the rarest and the most expensive item of the game is VULBIS dofus definitely
when i was playing on solar nobody had dropped vulbis then i gave break and i heard that someone dropped and it worth like 200-300mk...
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i couldnt access my chars after the update
i can open uplauncher but when i click play button just a black (completely black) screen come, no where to type name&pass
i deleted it and reinstalled but didnt work
so can someone help me ??
(i couldnt play much these days tho but my pet will die :S)
thx ...