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Alright, honestly i have had quite enough of you, Ankama's, just absolute pathetic attempts at trying to keep this game alive with stupid updates and additions, when you completely REFUSE to fix the issues with the game that make it unbearable to play most of the time. 

3 times in a row now, i started a fight with a friend, and all of our characters get disconnected as soon as they join, thus making the entire attempt a wipe right off the bat. And this has been going on for over a year now, and...
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to this day, i do not understand what 'double german' is supposed to mean on the spell information for Periscope and its variant. 
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i would like to formally post and ask that the quest fight in The Saga of the Pilgrim Monk be changed, because it is absolutely way too hard. you and 3 crappy NPCs, against 10 paper ink mobs, 20 should you attempt to kill them all and then kill the summon. How was this even considered to be an acceptable fight for all classes? me and others have been trying an uncountable ammount of times to do it, with different sets, strategies etc to no avail. 10 turns to just tank 10 of the hardest mobs in the...