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So, since i have seen that the new gear still requires the rare resources from the 3 frigost gatherables (Snowdrops, Aspen, and Frosteez) i have been trying to drop some of them on normal server. I have gotten over 2000 Aspen and 200 Snowdrops, and i havent even gotten a Protector yet. I feel these ingredients on the gear will make them very scarce and not realistically obtainable, especially a whole set. Thoughts?
By the-furion - 2012-02-26 08:41:55 in General Discussion
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Im trying to do the inferno quest, to get the inferno blade, an incarnation sword. there is very little info about it on wiki, and i was wondering if i could get some help as how to drop the obsidemon secret hypogeum key? on wiki it says a certain quets(s) may have to be done in order to unlock the drop, but doesnt say which ones. any info on the topic would be awesome guys. thanks