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By terrorcat - 2013-04-15 01:24:24 in Suggestion Box
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This isn't a thinly veiled insult towards Ankama, I promise.

So I was thinking about what actual impact the weapon nerf will have on me and it's really only an issue for when I want to test weapon damage in kojos on poutches. So I started thinking about a kojo where weapon restrictions don't apply, but that got me thinking about an entire arena where all restrictions are lifted.

To make it fair, you wouldn't be able to gain any advantages or rewards in this arena, it would simply be a place...
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I know this has been suggested a million times over the years, but you know what they say, the truth cannot be too often repeated.

Every time I browse the official Dofus home page I always see these Great Emporium deals where you can buy silly little sets with ogrines, but I never understood the appeal. Who buys these things? They're not very good sets to actually use. The incarnations can be kinda fun, but even those seem rather gimmicky. But there is one gimmick that I would be interested in purchasing....