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Ok i must say i love the new challenge system it makes fights more fun and the benefits for the challenges are like i got from 100kk to 250kk exp from a fight and many others but when me and my group at br were doing some challenge we found a little problem u know one of the challenge idk the name is that u kill ''x'' mob first and of ''x'' lvl but in this case the challenge was kill rat tsuenami lvl 70 first but there were 4 of them so we gessed we kill any of those and is k but when we killed 1...
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Hey all Im selling
Dora 60str/61int
Prespic set
Prespic hat
24/2 wis/dmg
prespic cape
30/1 wis/dmg
prespic belt
10 wis
prespic ring 10wis

jellibelt 57 int
Plz make offers here or contact me in game
My Ign is either
Finecry or Necloud