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Infoculus Xelor Lvl 230 Rubilax
Tomato Potato Feca Lvl 225 Rubilax
Shambolic Sing Sram Lvl 225 Rubilax
Master Focus Pandawa Lvl 218 Rubilax
Iceboom Rogue Lvl 217 Rubilax

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Sometimes you don't have to go far to compare, just look at your older brother nearby. It's no secret (really?) that Dofus is much more successful than Wakfu and that Dofus was inspired by some of its modern elements, such as haven bags (a more obvious example) from Wakfu. So why it can't work the other way around? With this allegory, I just want to lead to reflections that do not claim to be a complete consideration of this topic, but try to be comprehensive. These reflections are supported by personal...
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Character name: Infoculus
Date and time: 2.04.22 19:58 
Map: Astrub
Server: Rubilax
Bug description: Hello. I remember exactly that Against of Clock spell has this animation :
(bright blue, which came from mummification) but in 1.75 animation is completely different. It became faster, more inconspicuous and lost some charm, look :
is it bug? I didn't see any mention in the patch that Xelor's animation was changed in the Against of Clock spell  
could you make please it a little more visible