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Spoiler (click to display text) I do not know what happened. These are such two different concepts between the first revamp and the current one. The first revamp relied on damage, while destroying the Identity.  The current revamp has breathed life into the Xelor identity.Finally, the mechanics of transposition is officially recognized. Finally, positioning tools are worthy of their class. Finally we have different ways to regenerate WP, there are even new tools that allow us to get +1 more WP...
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From: Devblog: Class Balancing

<<We've opted to make very few passives that increase damage inflicted for the Osamodas, Ouginak, and Foggernaut classes. These are too often considered necessary to get the most out of a class, to the detriment of other ways of playing, which become unappealing>>

This Devblog prompted me to reclassify Xelor passives based on the following principle :
All passives can be conditionally divided into three groups: functional (which change the gameplay, expand...
By tempus - 2022-10-11 16:03:34 in Xelor
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Momentary Permutation. Yes, yes, you heard right, we're talking about Momentary Permutation passive in the context of an element like Telefrag. Let me take a little time and elaborate on my point.
Telefrag is Xelor effect which occurs when the position between objects is exchanged (switches places if the cell is occupied). Before revamp we could not create this effect? Excuse old Xelor for starting to have memory problems. Xelor revamp will soon be 2 years old, so my knowledge of the past...