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Hey guys, so I was just wondering, after 2.39, which class works best in terms of ranged attacking. Not for spamming at Snowfoux 508, but in general for frig 3 and up. Idea is, I've played melee classes most of the time, and I was gonna class change to a cra (good thing I waited!), but now I'm not so sure!

I feel, that the Cra is still OP in ranged battle. But everyone seems to be advising me against it on my server. So I've decided to turn to forums, in order to get the opinions of a larger base.

By tecnotrix - 2016-09-24 08:27:52 in Osamodas
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Hey everyone,

Coming back to the game after sometime (had been more than just busy with work ). First things first, i absolutely love the new it awesome, or is it awesome?

Second, and this is where i need help from you elites out there...BUILDS?!

Is int osa still, FTW, or is str or agi a better option? I usually prefer pure builds, but seeing as to how things are changing in the game, i'm all for trying out a hybrid build as well.

My Osa is currently 135, but i do have 4x multiplier...
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Hey guys, so for quite sometime I've been playing the iop/eni/panda/cra team. It has worked wonders for me, but now, i think it's time for a change. I want to completely revamp my team and thus, am looking for suggestions. The team is focused on pvm and would like to be able to complete as many dungeons as possible with this new team. It'd be really great if you could all give me your suggestions and support it with reasons as to why you think it's a good team for my purpose.

Umm, anyone? I could...