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By tbest - 2014-01-29 16:54:34 in New Bugs
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To reproduce stack glyphs on top of each other the more control the more you can stack I've seen it work with 7 control and 7 glyphs stacked, then hit it with feca staff and stand on it,
you get a buff of 25 ap next turn. Only limit is the timer runs out, so the faster you can cast spells they will keep casting even after time runs out.
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Really bummed out about the beta and feca going live today. Logged in and grabbed my feca up ran to Jonk thinking, Great, Im going to refine my build and be able to have what I want established when it goes live. Even spent the last 8 days grinding for a change of gear since It was going to be a full build change. boy was i disappointed when i couldn't read what the spells were. spells themselves are in english, but how they react and what they do, french.

Now i realise this is french developed...
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Harvest, Consumable and Equipment machines, are these ever going to be fixed since Bronze tokens haven't been in the game since last April 2013? Its almost impossible to find seeds like Corn, and since the machines use the bronze tokens and I traded those all in for Kamas how do we get seeds?
Is there something Im missing?