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So yesterday, I asked some friends to help me get some drops from my souls, and one of the souls was Holy Bambooto.
3 Holy Bambooto in a single soul.
I released it and wait a lil for the rest of my friends to arrive. When we were just about to take the soul, some barbarian sadida attacked my released monster and sealed the fight.
WTH? I though only the one who released the soul could attack it? Did I miss a changelog or something?

a very sad Taya
By tayathesummoner - 2012-03-02 14:50:24 in General Discussion
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So 3 years back I decided to play dofus again, made this acc, lvled it, activated a new account, not to be alone, then activated my long forgoten accounts and after 2 years (so last year) I decided to take a break. Well not really a break but to play less a day then I did, because university is important to me.

So after a while a friend says to me "hey I'll play dofus again "
I was really happy because I haven't seen him in like 5 years or so. So I said "cool, lemme help you get stuff, I'll lvl...