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Sisay Feca Lvl 56 Nox
Brittania Rogue Lvl 5 Nox

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By nishantjung - 2013-02-03 15:04:05 in Overall
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Zebioliz|2013-03-03 08:24:19Styliaqt|2013-02-04 02:07:48I do agree with my friend Roku. But what i just tested is that having 2% chance per attack means 6% chance per turn to apply a state .. The odds could be a TIINY bit higher but thats what crit is for! Either way, about 6-10% chance to apply a state aint so bad. + that gangrene thing does 15 air damage per ap used, and ubs use about 10 ap per turn which is a random 150 air damage (Raw) bonus... + ur spells do 37 damage for 3ap and 72 damage for...
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takewithfood|2011-12-03 07:49:27I don't play anymore and won't even consider it until they redo the XP system. I'm not going to waste time on an MMO that actively discourages grouping. I've given up on Wakfu; it's a train wreck. wakfu's on the right track for an open-world game, but they are so very far from getting it right. the one open-world game that i played, and really enjoyed, had not just the open environment, but you had the option of completing quests in the game that would give you gear,...