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By talith - 2012-05-01 02:10:45 in Suggestion Box
8 2024
looks like i'll take the initiative on making suggestions for a class i rarely play, and not even one of a high level at that.

Enutrof changes

Living Chest: Remove 1 per team limit of summon. Set base prospecting to 0, remove summon from team prospecting pool. Chest now rolls for drops separate from, and after (but before percs), the entire team, using owner's prospecting, and prospecting buffs.

Example: 6 players, 4 enus. All 4 cast living chest. Enu 1's chest has PP of 403, enu 2's has 250,...
4 1960
before anything else, there are two things i will make absolutely clear:
if you are getting a service unavailable error on the game client, i CANNOT fix it. you MUST send a ticket to ankama support and tell them that you are getting this specific error on the game client. if you are getting a service unavailable error (aka "too many unknown connections so you cant use AS" error), read #1 and substitute "browser " instead of game either of those cases, send the ticket to support via THIS...