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Returning after 4+ years of playing. I'm not completely new so already have maxed farmer and miner. Where would I go from there?
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I've heard there were a lot of changes in terms of being able to take control of your summons. 

Looked up the log but I'd like to know how people are playing Osa now in game. What spells do people level now, what builds are they? What should I put points into characteristics/spells wise?

By takshi - 2013-08-02 08:55:38 in Osamodas
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I need some tips on a kolo PvP set for my osa (lvl 177 - not sure why on the forums it still says 163 or something).
I've been trying to find a custom set with high % res, vit and summons but I could not piece something together with decent resistance. Everyone tells me that I should have high res and vit but it's hard before you get to 19x.

Should +res suffice or should I aim to get the highest %res possible? Should I get a croum then?

How have people built their osa sets?