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Mexican Poolboy Eniripsa Lvl 162 Nox
Catholic Boy Toucher Rogue Lvl 160 Nox
Russian Mail Order Bride Feca Lvl 159 Nox
Acrimony Ouginak Lvl 159 Nox
Weighted Companion Cube Pandawa Lvl 134 Nox
Aussie Wife Beater Xelor Lvl 131 Nox
Blacknoone Sram Lvl 123 Nox
Chinese Kama Farmer Eliotrope Lvl 97 Nox
Ganguro Girl Sloot Sadida Lvl 20 Nox

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By [Owlie] - 2018-11-29 17:00:00 in News
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This girl i really liked offered to send me noods. I got really excited and said yes please! I couldn't believe I was gonna get to see this person I'd slowly grown close to in such an intimate manner.. 

And then I opened my email and she had sent me a picture of pasta.  We're married now.  
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Uh.. Craftsmen Inc. is an endgame guild with maxed out bonuses for both guild and haven world, players between level of 50 and 200, and probably the best place to go to if you enjoy PVE and Crafting/Harvesting