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Eniripsa Lvl Omega 57 Echo
Enutrof Lvl Omega 51 Echo
Outer Hell
Osamodas Lvl Omega 34 Echo
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I don't understand what i'm doing wrong. I shift + click on the item, I right click then select "share the item in the chat" yet for some reason it just randomly decides not to link items in my message. The items are all in the same location, I shift click/"share the item in the chat" the exact same for all the items yet randomly it won't link some items. It gets SO frustrating having to try redo my message so many times until it finally links everything. Is there a method i'm missing to link consistently?...
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this was a problem years ago and i'm not sure how it hasn't been fixed! sometimes for some reason i can't select the cells behind my invisible sram.
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Whenever I try to link items, often the items don't link. I shift click the items, I right click and press "share the item in the chat" yet for no reason it often just does not link, as if I just pasted the name of the item. What am I doing wrong? Am I clicking too hard on my mouse? Is my facial expression incompatible for linking the items? Not sure what i'm doing wrong! And just incase, this is not because of the update, this has often happened for a very long time, a couple years now.